Pookchurch Vineyard was created by David Wood in 2016. His intention was to create a new  commercial vineyard, and become a successful grower of grapes for local winemakers. After three seasons, the vineyard is maturing and to everyone’s delight, we produced our first crop in 2018!

At the same time, the vineyard’s relationship with neighbouring Bolney Wine Estate (BWE) has also been developing. BWE is a family owned, pioneering wine maker, with many achievements and awards to its credit. Under Sam Linter’s management, it is ambitious to grow and to reaffirm its place in an expanding market for English wines.

The notion of combining the skills and brand reputation of Bolney with the potential of Pookchurch seemed to make perfect sense, and we are delighted to have made it happen!

Sam and David with Magnum.jpg

Pookchurch is in a very special setting. It has been planted on a site of about 100 acres, close to the village of Cuckfield in Sussex, in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The land slopes gently south, with views to the South Downs and seems ideal for growing vines and producing grapes.

The name was chosen because of its connection with the place. Inspired by nearby Pookchurch Wood, the name seemed a fitting way of connecting the history of the land with its new purpose of growing grapes.


We have been lucky to assemble an enthusiastic, dedicated team responsible for managing the vineyard. Coming from a range of professional backgrounds, we're excited to be involved in these crucial, formative stages and we're learning more about the site and its potential each day! 

David Wood, Seán Anderson, Greg Palmer and Laura Tattam are all students or alumni of Plumpton College. 


Pookchurch Vineyard is a member of SEVAUKVA and NFU